Perfect for any Show and Festival Hog Roast Stall


When a Show and Festival Hog Roast is prepared, it only means that a special occasion is happening. Regardless of what kind of occasion, seeing a roasted pig as part of the festivities will make almost anyone want to dig in and eat.

Indeed, a show and festival hog roast is quite popular and it becomes an outdoor event especially if the hog will be roasted on the same day as well for everyone to see. The pig that is used for such a kind of roast is usually around 12 months old and they can weigh up to as much as 200 pounds. These pigs are carefully chosen among those that were bred in a free range method. When free range is mentioned, this tells of how livestock is raised. This method allows the livestock, be it pigs, chicken, or sheep, to freely roam around an area during one part of the day to give them the comfort of a wide space and of sunlight. The place can still be enclosed but that is to just make sure the animals will not roam around and get away too far.


Hog roast Birmingham spit roast can be available and it can almost always be noticed during shows and festivals. Such an event will attract a lot of people from all around the country and being able to feed them will be needed. Hog roast can be available all the time to provide food for such an occasion.


A hog roast Birmingham spit roast can become a centre of attraction of a festival when the hog roast is already introduced to the public. It is usually shown as fully cooked with an apple in its mouth. It skin will be cooked to perfection and will be crispy when eaten. In most cases, such a food presentation will not be complete unless the pig will not have an apple in its mouth. A professional chef will then take his position and with the help of a carving knife and fork, he can start slicing through the skin and meat and cut out, or “carve,” the meat from the pig roast itself onto the plates of the incoming food enthusiasts.


When a hog roast Birmingham spit roast is necessary, but it becomes known that most of those that will attend might not want to eat pork, there are other food choices to choose from. A hog roast Birmingham spit roast can be replaced by a chicken spit roast. Similar to how a hog roast work, chicken are usually skewed with a spit and is rotated over an open flame. Chicken may only serve a few but they are easy to cook.


Another possible option is with a lamb roast. If ever the event only calls for a few people to attend or if those that are attending might not want to eat pork, no matter how it was cooked, Lamb can be the next option aside from the hog roast Birmingham spit roast.


Festivals will never be complete without special food and having a hog roast will make any festival livelier than ever.

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