Lamb roast in Birmingham area don’t come no better than from quality hog roast

Lamb Roast Catering
Free range Somerset lambs roasted to perfection marinated with rosemary and garlic. To spit roast a lamb we allow 3 hours to cook the lamb and half an hour to rest to let the meat tenderise. The secret with a lamb is to keep the meat slightly pink. This will ensure the meat is juicy and tender and a complete delight for your guests.

Spit Roasted, marinated and carved by our chef
Our lamb roasts are a spectacle of spit roasting delight. The smell is delicious and the guests often come and see how things are getting on, asking to have a look at the lamb as it turns. Marinading in its own juices, our chef bastes the lamb with our secret recipe sauce of rosemary, garlic and spices in an extra virgin olive oil base. The lamb will take about 3 hours to cook and then the lamb is allowed to rest in order for the meat to tenderize. It is carved and the meat is held in bain maries (hot plates) to be served or carved straight from the lamb to your guests plate as the event requires.

Served into wraps
Free range lamb is spit roasted and marinated with a herb mixture of rosemary, garlic and spices in an extra virgin olive oil. Our chef carves the lamb and then serves it in a flat bread with a red currant jelly, minty yoghurt sauces on a bed of mixed salad. This is a scrummy delight and is great for smaller parties of 40 or 50 where a hog would not be appropriate, preferred or just simply too big.