Hog Roast Equal Happy Guests


Every event or party needs a centerpiece, whether it is a wedding, a christening, or birthday or simply a back garden get-together, and you don’t have to go for the intricate and expensive workings of vodka filled ice sculpture to get the job done. After all, nothing says celebration like a full hog roast!


As days draw in again while summer turns to autumn, and autumn to winter, the ever popular hog roast creates a striking, eye catching element to any festivity, as well as offering much needed warmth both from the specifically designed ovens and the deliciously warm meat. Keeping your guests fed and warm is a crucial part of their comfort and enjoyment of your party or event, so as the nights get chillier this is a fun and exciting way to ensure that this element is covered.


No matter what size you require, the Quality Hog Roast Company can adapt to suit your needs with both spit roasters and hog roasters on offer. So whether you are catering to 20 people or 2000 people, you will have no problem getting the job done and keeping your guests satisfied.


Of course hog roasts are not to everyone’s taste, but that is no call to panic because the clever people of Quality Hog Roast can spit roast or barbecue practically any meat, from your delicious basics such as chicken and lamb to the more adventurous game, venison and wild boar! The food is ideal for any age, any party and any venue – both indoor and outdoor!


The hogs used by Quality Hog Roast are marinated in their own delicious marinade and spit roasted in front of the guests, then either sliced off and served straight from the flame or else kept hot until needed as part of a sit down meal or buffet. The versatility of a hog roast or a spit roast as a way to feed large parties is unequivocally unrivalled. The same can be said for the spectacle and excitement it stirs up amongst partygoers as their mouths begin to water from delicious scents filling their noses. It also adds an additional and unusual element to a party’s atmosphere. The good old fashioned, back to basics, cooking on a fire stirs up feelings of camping as a child, roasting marshmallows at Christmas and barbecues in the summer with family and friends…it evokes memories and brings people together.

As such, the history of the hog roast goes back centuries and is deeply rooted in many cultures to this day, including Cuban, Honduran and Caribbean, where families join together on Christmas eve for a celebratory hog roast. But even in the UK, hog roasts are swiftly growing in popularity as a way to feed parties during big celebrations or seasonal festivities such as bonfire night when the crowds need something warm in their stomachs.


With highest quality meat, top trained chefs and decades of experience between them, Quality Hog Roasts are guaranteed to make your party go with a bang! nike air max damen nike air max damen nike air max damen