A Corporate Hog Roast for your companies Events

When you think of Hog roast, a whole hog being roasted on an open fire and cooked to perfection is what will come to your mind. Prepared carefully with choice ingredients, stuffing and the tastiest sauces available, you’ll be sure to come back for seconds when you taste it.

When choosing the right pig for a hog roast, you must be able to determine how old it is first. The usual choice would be those that were bred for the purpose of the roast and they are usually 12 months old. Their weight is also determined. Once a pig is prepared and stuffed, they can reach up to 200 pounds and this is especially true for a hog roast Birmingham spit roast. A spit is then pushed through them and they are roasted on an open flame. The flame is created with rocks and coal and the pig is then turned round with the spit so that it will get cooked evenly. Apple sauce is then used to coat the skin to give it more flavor, and salt is also rubbed on the skin to make it “crackle.”

Our corporate Hog roast Birmingham spit roast can be cooked during special occasions. Different companies offer services with the hog roast as the main attraction. A single hog can feed a lot of people and it can also attract the attention of a lot of people with how it is cooked and prepared. In most cases, the meat from the hog roast can already be prepared in plates to become convenient for those who will be eating.

Hog roast Birmingham spit roast that are prepared for corporate events are very welcome but there may be cases when the participants of the event are not big hog roast fans. There can also be other choices with preparing a roast.

Another popular choice would be a chicken spit roast. In a similar way as how a hog roast is prepared, chicken can be stuffed, coated with cider and then roasted on a spit and spun over an open flame to cook it evenly.

A lamb is also a good alternate for a good roast, especially if hog roasts are not appropriate for the corporate occasion, or if the ones invited are just around 40 to 50 people. Lamb roast is prepared differently than those with the hog roast Birmingham spit roast method. The whole lamb is prepared and then it is marinated in rosemary and garlic. The cooking time of the lamb roast on a spit is three hours but is left to rest for 30 minutes afterward. This method is done to keep the meat tender and to ensure the juices would seep into the meat, making it tastier.

With a hog roast Birmingham spit roast for a corporate hog roast event, it helps make the food special. In cases that the guests do not eat meat at all, there are also other food options available. Those who serve hog roasts will also serve salads and other food items for those who do not eat meat.

With every hog roast event, a lot of options will be available and will be sure that no one will go hungry. offiziellairmax offiziellairmax offiziellairmax